Deer Butchering Basics
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017  2:30 PM
Cost: $75

This class presents a basic but thorough overview of how to butcher your own deer. The whole process will be demonstrated, from quartering on down to individual cuts. Various techniques and approaches will also be discussed as well as the common and best uses for each part of the deer.

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2016-2017 Culinary Hunts
Cost: $950

After a great hunting season last year, we’ll continue to offer our unique culinary hunting and butchering experience in conjunction with the Bar W Ranch in Calvert, TX. Our culinary doe and pig hunting package provides Central Texans who may not have a place to hunt but who want to process their own meat the opportunity to do both.

Our culinary hunting package offers a Saturday evening-Sunday morning hunt, including lodging and basic meals, at the Bar W Ranch immediately followed by a butchering session at Feral in Austin. Additional details may be found here.

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Personalized Culinary Hunts

We are going mobile!  This year, we are pleased to begin offering personalized culinary hunts.  We can accompany groups or individuals to your own hunting property and provide personalized instruction and assistance through the process of field dressing, transport, butchering, and/or processing. We will bring everything necessary including a mobile gambrel, workstation, cutting boards and knives, grinder, and sausage making equipment.

Call or email to discuss the hunt that’s right for you.  Pricing will vary based on options, location, and duration.

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