Venison Steaks with a Juniper and Thyme Pan Sauce

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I’ll eat this dish any time of year, but it’s especially satisfying as the weather starts to cool off (I use the term “cool off” loosely and optimistically). A solid fall and winter dish for sure. And a straightforward way to a fast but elevated venison dinner. Using wild game stock to make a quick pan sauce will enhance your … Read More

It’s Time to Make: Italian Sausage and Peppers

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I love pepper season in Texas; it’s the perfect time to make Italian Sausage with any trim left in the freezer from last season. Throw a dart and you’ll land on a recipe for Venison and/or Pork Italian Sausage, so I’m going to let you track down one you like. (I will say that if a recipe doesn’t include fennel … Read More

A Feral Recipe: Feral Hog Pho

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Feral Pho v.2

This is a quick and simple interpretation of pho made with feral hog broth and loin.  It’s not intended to be technical or authentic, but it is intended to be quick and tasty.  I generally make large batches of feral hog broth or stock ahead of time and then freeze in quart containers that I can use for this recipe … Read More